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Charles County, Maryland

Minutes- May 2013

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Charles County Area Council on Aging
May 9, 2013 Meeting:  9:30 A.M
Richard R. Clark Senior Center, La Plata, MD 20646
Persons Present:  (M-voting member; N-non-voting member; C-Community representative): Maurice DiPoli (M, Chair), Sonja Mahoney (M, Vice-Chair),Bruce Kirk (M, Secretary), Sylvia Claish (M), Barbara Crawford (M), Michael Elmore (M), Kim Johnson (M), Marise Robertson (M), Guillermo Sanchez (M), Dina Barclay (N, Chief of Aging & Senior Progs), Linda Barnes (C, CCDoH Rep).
Persons Absent:  (E=excused, U= unexcused):  George Estes (M), Vicki Grow (M, E), Elaine Lancaster (M, E), Bill Holman (C, E, CCNRC Rep), Commissioner Kelly.
Call to Order:  9:36 AM, Maurice DiPoli.
Presence of Quorum:  Yes (9 of 13 current voting ACA members).
Approval of Minutes:  The March minutes were approved as distributed.  (The April meeting was superseded by the Colon Cancer Forum, no minutes for April).
Communications sent/received:  None.
County Commissioner's Report:  Dina Barclay read the Commissioners report.
-  The 2013-14 budget was approved by the Commissioners.
-  An 8% property tax increase was approved by the Commissioners.  Members were reminded about the senior property tax credit, which can help offset the increase for low to moderate income seniors in Charles County.-

 The Veterans Museum in Glasva formally opened on May 4th.
-  The Commissioners are continuing to explore locations for a new Senior Center in Waldorf.
-  The annual bond hearing trip to New York is planned to address County bond ratings and interest rates.
Aging Division Director’s Report:  Dina Barclay.
-  The Colon Cancer Forum held at the Clark Center on April 11th was well-attended and very successful with lots of good feedback from those in attendance.
-  The Caregivers Conference held at the Clark Center on April 26th was also very well-attended with over 250 persons registered and  numerous vendors, sessions, exhibits and presentations.
-  Federal sequestration resulted in a 5% cut (~$20K) in federal aging grants for FY13 (the grant year we are now in) and possibly an additional 5% cut in FY14. Fortunately,  no cuts in state or County funding to the Aging Division are anticipated for FY14.
-  A meeting of all Maryland Commissions on Aging is planned for September 11, 2013. Location & agenda yet to be determined.  More information will be provided when available.
-  Maurice DiPoli was nominated by Sonja and Dina for the Governor’s Leadership in Aging Trailblazer Award for his outstanding contributions to the Area Council on Aging and Charles County's senior programs.  Although he did not win the Governor’s award, we presented with a framed local certificate and our nomination letter as a gift.

Unfinished Business:
-  Nominating Committee Report was presented: The slate of officers for the June election includes:  Sonja Mahoney, Chairperson for the Council; she accepted.  Bruce Kirk, Vice Chairperson and Sylvia Claish, Secretary.  Nominations will remain open and further discussion may occur as needed before the slate is presented for the election during the June 13th meeting.

-  Feedback on Colon Cancer Forum: Dr. Sanchez.  Although the room was not packed, the Forum was very well-attended and very well-organized. Drs. Nagula, Patel, and Mathur discussed, in turn, the symptoms (or lack of symptoms) and progress of the disease; colonoscopy procedures, treatment and surgery options.  An informative Q & A period followed.  There was a suggestion that an annual Colon Cancer Forum would be a good idea, considering the audience response and the nature of the disease.
-  Annual Tri-County Area Councils on Aging meeting:  A good turnout is expected at the Calvert Pines Senior Center on May 16th. Carpools will be arranged informally by the members, if desired.
New Business:
Summer Outreach Committee report: Sonja Mahoney.

  • At least two sessions, one targeting the Faith Community and one targeting Senior Housing
  • Focus on" information-gathering" from senior constituents as well as informing seniors of programs and services available to them

November 2013, Senior Summit Plans

-  To take place on November 14th in lieu of regular ACA meeting

-   Will address senior concerns and receive information/input from state and local governments

-   Will invite Commissioner Kelly to make the opening address and emcee the event, if she is available to do so
-   Keynote speaker to be Secretary Lawlah or, as back-up, Delegate Peter Murphy
-  A selection of providers/vendors may be invited

Community For a Lifetime:  Maurice DiPoli discussed the Community for a Lifetime program, based upon eight issues of concern to seniors, which has been recommended by Maryland's Secretary of Aging, Gloria Lawlah, and adopted by Montgomery County and other jurisdictions.  Senator Mac Middleton is a strong supporter of this statewide community planning initiative.  Maurice made a motion that he formally present this program to the Charles County Commissioners and request that they adopt it..  Sonja Mahoney moved to approve and Bruce Kirk 2nd.  The motion was approved.  Mr. Dipoli will submit an agenda request to present this topic to the County Commissioners for their consideration.
Member & Community Representative Announcements and Discussion:

-  Linda Barnes (Charles County Health Department) said that there were no serious outbreaks of the flu, and that the flu season is pretty much concluded.
-  Bruce Kirk (United Seniors of Maryland) said that the United Seniors of Maryland continued to encourage all citizens to contact their legislators to discuss issues prior to the next session in January 2014.
-  Dina Barclay suggested that the Council take a look at Article 4 of the Bylaws, which addresses Council membership.  There are currently13 voting members, one of which is a County Commissioner or representative.  The language regarding membership is rather vague, and it was recommended that the members consider a minor change to the bylaws to clarify.  It currently indicates that there is a maximum number of 16 members, rather than an actual number. This makes it difficult to determine whether vacancies exist and if they need to be filled.  There was some discussion about the pros and cons of changing the bylaws regarding the number of members.  The decision was tabled until the June meeting. 

Next Meeting:  The next meeting will be on June 13th.  It will include the election of new officers, so please make every effort to attend as a quorum will be necessary to vote for the Fy14 officers.
Adjournment: the meeting was adjourned by Maurice DiPoli at 10:53.
Respectfully submitted,
Bruce Kirk, Secretary