November 18, 2015 Minutes |

Charles County, Maryland

November 18, 2015 Minutes

Wednesday, November 18, 2015



  • Bill Lawman                                       
  • John San Luis
  • Willie Zapata                                     
  • John Zanelotti
  • Frank Ward- via telephone         
  • Sue Cecil, Secretary
  • Tom Wathen-SMECO                    
  • Brad Pelczar- Planchek

Meeting brought to Order by Willie Zapata at 4:04 PM

  1. Discussion of edit/changes to Rules and Regulations – Sue provided list of edits/changes.   Motion was made by Bill Lawman to accept the edit and changes to the Rules and Regulations provided.  Seconded by John San Luis.  All in favor. None opposed.
  2. Sue will make final draft and send to County Commissioners for approval. 
  3. Pertaining to the MUELEC meeting on November 18, 2015:  John Zanelotti attended representing CCEB.  Attached is the meeting notice provided by John Zanelotti.
  4. Comments from the meeting:
    1. Passing ratio of exams across the State is 18 to 20 percent.  We fall within the range.
    2. If we have any questions we feel are confusing or unfair, please provide them to MUELEC for review.
    3. BAT System/ Nitrogen pump- complaints and concerns with inspections.  Frank to contact Mark Williams, CCHD pertaining to any electrical issues with the BAT System.
    4. Per MUELEC- After January 1, 2016 we are not to accept and reciprocation licenses that were tested in Somerset and Wicomico counties for any license obtained after...These Maryland counties have not obtained NEC 2014 examination book.
    5. Concerns of 10 CEU’s requirement to be required of all Masters.  Once the MD State Board sets a specific date we will need to follow.   2018-2020 cycle will need advance notice of requirement prior to renewal of licenses.  State has a list of of qualifying classes. 
    6. MUELEC fees are due.  Sue to provide to Frank for payment.
  5. Willie Zapata to provide new Homeowner’s permit exam (NEC 2014).
  6. Exams that were provided at the September 16, 2015 meeting were given to John San Luis for grading.
    1. 10 Journeymen exams – 5 passing / 5 failing
    2. 1 Master exam- 1 passing
  7. Homeowner Exam application for review:
    1. Nicholas Cahill- approved by John San Luis
  8. Three Journeymen with expired licenses were reviewed as requesting reinstatement.   All have let their licenses expire and are requesting reinstatement without examination.
    1. Damon Jenkins
    2. Dieudonne Tchabong
    3. Jelani Dickerson
    4. Motion was made by Bill Lawman that the Board furthermore not accepts and denies renewal of any Grandfathered licenses after renewal deadline and 90 day grace period have passed.  Seconded by John Zanelotti.  All in favor.  None opposed.
  9. Planchek brought concerns of a situation on a job site for an Electrical permit pulled by Master #291, Dewey Craig.  There was not a Journeyman in charge and/or Master available to address the Inspectors concerns. Brad Pelczar visited the meeting to explain the complaint.  Sue to contact Mr. Craig to find out details and bring information to next Board meeting.
  10. John Zanelotti will become Chairman as of December 31, 2015.  The Board will need to vote in a Vice Chairman. Sue to provide selections to Commissioners.

The License Count for this month:

Master license:  1749

  • General- 1386: 546 Active, 5 Deceased, 731 Expired and 104 Inactive.
  • Restricted Master- 175: 88 Active, 1 Deceased, 77 Expired and 9 Inactive.
  • 188 data not provided.

Journeyman license: 1860

  • 715 Active, 2 Deceased and 1143 Expired.

Homeowner's Permit:  2 active license.

Meeting ended at 5:25 PM

Next meeting:  December 16, 2015