November 19, 2014 Minutes |

Charles County, Maryland

November 19, 2014 Minutes

Wednesday, November 19, 2014


  1. Meeting brought to order by Willie Zapata at 4:07 PM. 
  2. License Counts as of this month are as follows:
    1. Masters license: 1702
      1. General- 1339: 529 Active, 4 Deceased, 773 Expired and 39 Inactive.
      2. Restricted Master- 167: 87 Active, 0 Deceased, 80 Expired and 0 Inactive.
      3. Expired without license type listed:  196
    2. Journeyman license:  1855
      1. 719 Active, 2 Deceased and 1134 Expired.
  3. Homeowner’s permit:  140 with 1 active license.
    1. Approval of October 2014 meeting minutes.  All in favor.  None opposed.
    2. Joseph Quick and Michael Conway – came in to view failed September 2014 Journeyman exams.
    3. Planchek and MDIA (representing Inspection Agencies for Charles County Jurisdiction) were invited to this meeting.
      1. Discussions of Concerns:
        1. Code Issues pertaining to changes of inspection process relating to NEC 2014.
        2. Solar panels
        3. Electrical vehicles
        4. MD State taking over Master and Journeyman licensing and testing.
        5. Journeyman accreditation.
        6. ARC fault protection
        7. La Plata/ St Mary’s County implementation of inspections.
        8. Notification of NEC 2014 changes to Contractors/Electricians.
        9. In favor of adopting NEC 2014 with no amendments.
        10. GFI receptacles
    4. Low Voltage Master exams to be graded:
      1. Andrew Suit- passed
      2. Michael Murphy- passed
    5. Stephen Gates, Master #1138- brought concerns of Clinton Corbin, Master # 687 finishing permitted job he and Building Contractor had disputes on job site. Mr. Gates had voided his permit afterRough-In inspection.  Mr. Corbin applied for new permit and completed the job.  Final was done under Mr. Corbin.  A copy of each permit was provided.   After discussion of matter it was decided PGM / CPIS had provided complete service to Homeowner and Master Electricians.  The matter of dispute on jobs site is a civil matter between Electrician and Building Contactor.
    6. Journeyman 2015-2017 renewal application reviewed and approved.   All in favor. None opposed.

Meeting adjourned 5:25PM