November 20, 2018 Agenda |

Charles County, Maryland

November 20, 2018 Agenda

Tuesday, November 20, 2018

4:00 PM
PGM Conference Room #2
Charles County Government Building

Administrative Business:

  1. State Legislative Committee: No updates for this meeting.
  2. Pertaining to Master #1358, Aday Galindo, Renovations Expert LLC; we were advised by the MD State Board to suspend the license and any permits (in all MD Counties and Cities) until investigation at State level is completed. 
    We have suspended licensing and permitting privileges until advised otherwise by MD State Board as of 10/29/2018.
  3. PGM/ CPIS will be activating a new computer program.  Licensing and permits will be part of the updated program.  Don and Sue will continue to work to keep the Board involved and updated. 
  4. LaVon Green, failed Journeyman exam September 2018; will be attending to review the exam.

Licensing Counts:

These counts are from October 2018 as updated information is not available yet in new licensing program.
Licensing Counts as of this month are as follows:

  • Master: 1933 with 610 active.
  • General: 1554 with 525 active.
  • Restricted: 194 with 85 active.
  • 186 expired with no listing of type.
  • Journeyman: 1878 with 504 active.
  • Homeowner: 150 with 1 active.

Please note Agenda is subject to change.
Next meeting will be December 19, 2018.