November 9, 2017, Minutes |

Charles County, Maryland

November 9, 2017, Minutes

Thursday, December 14, 2017


Thursday, November 9, 2017, 6:30 p.m. | 10665 Stanhaven Place # 206, White Plains, MD



Meeting called to order at 6:34 p.m. by Chair Maxine Somerville. 


Present: Kimberly Graham, Lucinia Mundy, Jennifer Owens-Mc Swain, Angela Owens, Lakia Pendergrast, Russell Scott, Maxine Somerville, Sarita Spencer, Sandra Swinson, Corae Young

Absent: Felicia Dixon

Staff Liaison:  Lucinia Mundy

Guests: Monique Wilson




  1. < >:  Chair M. Somerville welcomed members with enthusiasm and excitement.  Also, the Chair M. Somerville welcomed a guest, Monique Wilson.  The CCCW members introduced themselves to Ms. Wilson.

    Treasurer’s Report:   A. Owens reported an account balance of $1,894.85 as of October 31, 2017 including collections for all T-shirts ordered.  If any funds are needed in December, the membership should vote during the November meeting.

  2. Approval of Minutes:  S. Swinson made a motion and J. McSwain second that the minutes from October 12, 2017 be approved.  Motion carried by those present.

  3. Staff Liaison Report:  

    1. The CCCW shirts haver been ordered and paid however the factory is out of women’s XL until the end of November.

    2. Badges for K. Graham and R. Scott are available.

    3. Business cards will be ordered the week of November 13th.

    4. A reimbursement to M. Somerville for lunch at the retreat will be submitted.

    5. A press release was posted that the CCCW is seeking new members.

    6. A request for an intern, paid by the County, will be submitted the week of November 13th.

    7. L. Mundy will meet with M. Somerville and R. Scott to discuss the CCCW’s historical documents.

  4. Chair’s Report: M. Somerville spoke about:

    1. M. Somerville spoke about the retreat saying it was excellent with good momentum.

    2. The Executive Committee and CCCW members will report on action items later in the meeting.

    3. Vice Chair, S. Spencer stated there was great participation at the retreat and that she is excited to see the execution from it.

    4. The Executive Committee meetings have changed to conference calls on the first Thursday of each month at 7:30 with an exception for December because the first Thursday is the night the CCCW is volunteering at the Soup Kitchen.

    5. Vice Chair, S. Spencer presented having a holiday meeting with a gift exchange and light refreshments (drinks and cookies) on December 14, 2017.The gift exchange will be a white elephant exchange with a gift costing no more than $10.S. Spencer made the motion, A. Owens second, and the motion carried by those present.

    6. Chair, M. Somerville thanked K. Graham and Reverend Brown (Pastor-New Hope AME Church) for the use of their space for the CCCW retreat.

  5. Retreat Briefing and Action Items:  S. Swinson

    1. Group Me Account-M. Somerville-Created an account for the CCCW and a separate account for the Executive Committee and added all members.

    2. CCCW Member Directory-A. Owens-Created a directory and distributed to all members.

    3. Standard Communication Process-K. Graham and R. Scott-Presented a Communication plan to the members. (attached).

    4. Public Relations/Social Media sub-committee-F. Dixon (W.E. Matters)-Tabled for the December CCCW meeting.

    5. List of organizations and the CCCW POC-L. Mundy-Constant Contact will be reviewed and updated.

    6. Draft directory of service providers for the CCCW website-R. Scott-L. Mundy will ask Media Services to add the United Way link to the CCCW website under resources.

    7. A single place to store CCCW documents-R. Scott-Presented a plan (Zoho Docs – to the members.  R. Scott created a folder for CCCW and just needs to add the member’s emails.  All agreed to test Zoho Docs.

    8. Add/Send out centralized mailbox to other organizations-L. Mundy-Tabled for the December CCCW meeting.

    9. Process for obtaining information-Once there is a list of partners they should be notified of the CCCW email.  The CCCW would like the ability to send emails from the CCCW email.  Tabled for the December meeting.

    10. Conference Call when attendance in person is not possible-No conference calls for the full CCCW meeting but the Committees may use conference calls for meetings.  S. Spencer will share the Youth Committee’s conference call number.

    11. Approval to change meeting time from 6:30 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.-S. Spencer made the motion, R. Wilson second, and motion carried by those present.  Beginning on December 14, 2017 the CCCW meetings will be held from 7:00 p.m. until 8:30 p.m.

    12. Approval of Bylaws Revisions-M. Somerville will draft the revisions-Tabled for the December CCCW meeting.

    13. Approval of fundraising ideas (two submitted by R. Scott and T-shirt sale)- Tabled for the December CCCW meeting.

    14. Submitting a name to be considered for the Maryland Commission for Women-Chair M. Somerville recommended submitting C. Young’s name for the Maryland Commission for Women.  The Governor’s Office appoint the position.  C. Young will need three references.  There were no objections.

    15. Is there a conflict if someone has an event and donate all proceeds to CCCW? - Tabled for the December CCCW meeting

    16. Budget to present to the Commissioners-C. Young-S. Swinson to send Committee’s budget request to C. Young

    17. Approval of a Retreat twice per year-The CCCW members agreed to make two of the meetings during the year, retreats; rather than adding two additional retreat meetings.

Committee Chairs gave overview of their Committees for the guest, Ruthie Lucas.


  1. < >

    L. Mundy will make a request for new members with technical expertise in communications marketing and fundraising.

  2. L. Mundy will obtain a list of partner organizations and ask the Webmaster to add a link to United Way on the CCCW website.

  3. L. Mundy will also inquire about access to send emails from the CCCW email.

  4. R. Scott will set up Zoho.

  5. S. Swinson will send budget to C. Young.

  6. S. Spencer needs the Committee reports from the retreat.

  • Bylaw Revisions: M. Somerville will work on Bylaws revisions for the December CCCW meeting.

  • MLAW Conference is November 18, 2017 from 9:00 am until 3:00 pm at Arundel Community college.It is a great opportunity to share what CCCW is doing and partner with other Commissions for Women.Chair M. Somerville will inquire about sponsorships for CCCW members to attend.


  1. R. Scott will prepare a CCCW 2017 Annual Report.He requests all Committee reports by November 30, 2017.

  2. M. Somerville will make a request to the Commissioners to be on the agenda in February 2018.

  3. The CCCW will have elections for the Executive Committee during the December meeting.Also, all members should think about the Committees they are on, if they wish to change Committees or Chair a Committee.

  4. Chair M. Somerville encouraged all members to attend events. A CCCW member should be at every event that serves the mission of the CCCW.

  5. R. Wilson presented “Purses for a Purpose.”It is an on-going project in which the CCCW could partner with Rosemary’s Closet, Angel’s Watch, Center for Abused Persons, the Sheriff’s Office and Southern Maryland Center for Family Advocates.

  6. Lifestyle’s Thanksgiving Basket Drive.

Chair thanked guest for attending.  Upon motion duly made by A. Owens and L. Mundy second, motion carried by those present, voted to adjourn the meeting at 8:16 p.m.

Respectfully Submitted by:
Sandra Swinson, Secretary, Charles County Commission for Women