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Charles County, Maryland

October 18, 2017 Minutes

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

4:00 PM
Charles County Government Building                        


John Zanelotti, Chairman
Reed Faasen
Thomas Wathen
Willie Zapata
John San Luis, Vice Chairman
Susan Cecil, Secretary


Don Litten, Building Code Official 
Brad Pelczar, Planchek
Paul Hamby, Planchek


Administrative Business:

  • Approval of August 2017 drafted meeting minutes. John San Luis motioned to approve meeting minutes as written.  Seconded by Thomas Wathen. All in favor. None opposed.
  • Board member update:  Frank Ward’s replacement has not been named.  Reed Faasen will attend until a decision is made.

New Business:

  1. Pertaining to our concerns with the State Legislative Committee:
  • We have received no updates this month.
  1. Journeyman exam provided for September 2017:
  • 17 exams provided
  • 12 exams taken
  • 3 received passing grades
    • Three received passing grades and Journeyman licenses. 
      • Paul Douthy
      • Curtis Hubbard
      • Vaughn Hubbard
  1. Master Restricted exam provided for September 2017:
  • 1 exam provided
  • 1 exam taken
  • none received passing grade.
  1. DLLR complaint was received concerning Timothy Edding/ Master #1914. 
  • Claim of poor workmanship with work unable to pass any requested inspections. Pictures were provided by CPIS Inspection staff to document work provided was of an unworkmanlike manner. A subsequent Charles County Master was obtained and his work was completed with passing inspections.
  • After discussion it was determined that the complaint will be documented in Master’s license folder.  
  • Complainant will need to seek any monetary reimbursement outside of this Board.   No money was paid for work provided.
  1. Master renewal for 2018-2020 was approved with minor updates.   Sue to provide the updates.
  2. The Board will begin a review of the Rules and Regulations.  The Rules and Regulations document will stand as written until any and all revisions are updated and approved.  
  3. Board members met with staff of Planchek and CPIS Building Code Official to discuss complaints pertaining to Kewel Khatta, Master #1412.
  • Complaints to include but not exclusive to violation to our Rules and Regulations   Section 12: REFUSAL, SUSPENSION OR REVOCATION ON LICENSES:
    • (c) Engaging in unfair or deceptive trade practices as defined in the Commercial Law article of the Annotated Code of Maryland
    • (d) Willfully or deliberately disregarding and violation the building code, electrical code or laws of the County
    • (e) Aiding and abetting an individual , firm or corporation to evade the provisions of this subtitle
    • (f) Failing to adequately train and control persons selling or estimating electrical work performed under a licensee’s supervision
    • (g) Performing or permitting the performance of defective or dangerous work
    • (j) Violating any provisions of this subtitle.
    • (j) No licensed contractor, licensed with this Board shall file for an inspection permit on any electrical work not personally supervised or contracted by him.  Penalty for violation of this rule may cause revocation or suspension of the current Master license of said Master or Restricted Master Electrician
    • (n) A licensed Master Electrician/ Restricted Master Electrician may not use his license of master electrician merely as a front to permit a person not licensed as a Master Electrician/ Restricted Master Electrician in Charles County to engage in the business of Master Electrician in Charles County or to perform any of the kinds of work of which a Master Electrician/ Restricted Master may perform.
  • ​Clerk to provide a hearing date to address any and all concerns. 
    • Section 13: PROCEDURE FOR HEARING TO REFUSE, SUSPEND OR REVOKE LICENSE to be followed to advise and provide hearing.  

Motion made by Thomas Wathen to adjourn the meeting at 4:40 PM. Seconded by Willie Zapata.  All in favor. None opposed.

Next meeting will be November 15, 2017.