Charles County, Maryland

October 22, 2018 Minutes

Tuesday, December 4, 2018

6:30 PM, Charles County Government Building

Members Present
Eddie Bowling, Chairman
David Hancock Sr.
Ed May
Lisa Hoxie
Bonnie Williams
Luis Dieguez, Ex. Officio

Staff Present
Charles Rice
Beth Groth

Guests Present
Dave Lines

  1. Call to Order
    The meeting was called to order by Mr. Bowling at 6:30 PM in the County Government Building Planning Division Conference Room
  2. Approval of the Previous Minutes
    A motion was made by Ms. Williams, and seconded by Ms. Hoxie, to approve the minutes from August 13, 2018. All voted in favor and the motion passed.  
  3. Update on FY 2017 Settlements
    Mr. Rice noted that 5 of the 11 properties who received offers have gone to settlement. The remaining properties are working through survey and title work. More than 1,000 acres will be protected through this cycle.
  4. Update on FY 2019 Applications
    Mr. Rice noted that all twelve properties will be appraised over the next few months. It is anticipated that the application cycle will continue as an annual cycle; and the next round of applications will likely be due in June of 2019 for FY 2020. The MALPF Board will make a decision on the application cycle in the spring of 2019.
  5. Land Preservation Program Certification, Approval Letter
    Mr. Rice provided an overview of the Land Preservation Program certification process. Charles County lost its certification a few years ago when a law was passed that required the adoption of a Priority Preservation Area (PPA) in the Comprehensive Plan. The County has since adopted a PPA with an aggressive goal of preserving 80-percent of the remaining undeveloped land within that area. Ms. Groth prepared a letter of support for certification of Charles County’s Land Preservation Program for the Board’s consideration. A motion was made by Ms. Williams, and seconded by Ms. Hoxie, to approve the letter of support for certification. All voted in favor and the motion passed.
  6. Purchase of Development Rights (PDR); Next Purchase Cycle
    A copy of the code was provided to the Board members, and Mr. Rice gave a brief update on the next PDR cycle. The applications will likely come out in early spring of 2019, depending on the Board’s preference. Applications would be accepted for approximately three weeks. Mr. Rice noted that the Board will need to vote to set a price cap per TDR for the program at an upcoming meeting, possibly in December. This cap will be based on appraisals and recent sales of Transferrable Development Rights. Mr. Rice noted that during the last PDR cycle, 150 TDRs were purchased with a budget of 1-million. Mr. Rice noted that staff will put together a packet of information on the next PDR cycle that will be mailed to the Board members in advance of the meeting where the Board will vote on the price cap per acre for the program.
  7. Expansion of the Rural Legacy Area: Preservation Maryland Input
    Staff recently met with Kimberly Golden Brandt from Preservation Maryland to discuss the expansion of the Rural Legacy Area. Mr. Rice presented the slideshow to the Board that Ms. Brandt presented to Planning staff. Preservation Maryland worked with the Chesapeake Bay Foundation to identify the areas in the county with the most ecological value through the use of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) data and how well certain areas might score in accordance with DNR’s scoring system. The data shows a portion of the Nanjemoy peninsula and Cobb Neck as ecologically important. Preservation Maryland would like to see a Nanjemoy Rural Legacy Area. The next step is for staff to meet with the State to see if they would support an additional Rural Legacy Area in Nanjemoy.
  8. Adjournment
    A motion was made by Ms. Williams and seconded by Mr. May to adjourn the meeting at 7:15 PM. All voted in favor and the motion passed.
  9. Next Meeting: December 3rd, 2018 at 6:30 PM in the County Government Building.