September 17, 2014 Minutes |

Charles County, Maryland

September 17, 2014 Minutes

Wednesday, September 17, 2014



Willie Zapata
John Zanelotti
John San Luis
Frank Ward
Bill Lawman
Sue Cecil

4:40 PM   Meeting brought to order by Willie Zapata      
License Counts as of this month are as follows:

Masters license: 1689

  • General- 1328: 695 Active, 3 Deceased, 574 Expired and 56 Inactive.
  • Restricted Master- 167: 101 Active, 0 Deceased, 63 Expired and 3 Inactive.
  • Expired without license type listed: 196.

Journeyman license:  1855

  • 719 Active, 2 Deceased and 1134 Expired.

Homeowner’s permit:

  • 140 with 1 active license.

Discussion Items:

  1. Approval of August 2014 meeting minutes.  All in favor.  None opposed.
  2. Examination approved and provided for 26 Journeyman and 2 Masters.
  3. Discussion of Maryland Master licensing legislation.    The single state license for Master General is still under discussion at the State level.  Journeyman license is also under discussion.
  4. Discussion concerning CEU’s to be required for Master renewal 2015-2017.   Which classes would qualify to be approved as related for Master Electrician licenses?    When decision is made a list will need to be provided to be sent with renewal application.  Restricted Masters will not be included in requirement for CEU’s.
  5. Discussion to invite Planchek and MDIA to  our November 2014 or January 2015 meeting to discuss concerns with code issues pertaining to changes of inspections process relating to NEC 2014.

Meeting adjourned 8:10 PM