September 20, 2017 |

Charles County, Maryland

September 20, 2017

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

County Attorney Conference Room
4:00 PM

Admin Business: 
  • Approval of August 2017 drafted meeting minutes. 
  • Board member updates.  Frank Ward’s replacement has not been named. Reed Faasen to represent until replacement is assigned.
  • Planchek and MDIA will be invited to this meeting.
New Business: 
  1. Pertaining to our concerns with the State Legislative Committee: 
  • This was provided to us from MUELEC in December 2016:  PLEASE NOTE: After receiving some additional comments of concern regarding the proposals to the Electric Law of Maryland after our last MUELEC meeting on November 16, 2016, it has been decided to table all proposed legislation for the upcoming legislative session and continue to work on concepts prior to getting a bill writer involved. 
  • Provided to Board the “Introduction and Proposed Changes” from MUELEC.
  • Concerns regarding proposed legislation to the General Assembly on February 10, 2017 by Delegate Hornberger. We were informed MUELEC was unaware of this action until after it had taken place.  Copy provided to Board members. 
  • We have received updated information (03/03/2017) from MUELEC. 
  • This Board will continue to monitor the situation and maintain contact with MUELEC.
  • MUELEC meeting 05/17/2017. John Zanelotti attended and his notes were attached.
  1. Journeyman exam:
  1. Kwadowo Aboagye
  2. Theophilus Burroughs Jr
  3. Francis Butler
  4. Michael Callow
  5. Hunter Cole
  6. Jorge Silva Delgado
  7. Paul Duthoy
  8. Thomas Gagnon
  9. La Von Green
  10. Curtis Hubbard
  11. Vaughn Hubbard
  12. Hansel Roa
  13. Alberto Rodriguez
  14. Alan Ross Jr
  15. Darrick A Stancil Jr
  16. Robert Tabor
  17. Jason White
  1. Restricted Master exam:
  • Eron Montgue 
  1. Certified letter sent to Thong Saykamphone, TJ Electric Contractor, requesting documentation of employment of Alex Coronado.   We have received no response.   
  2. DLLR Complaint for Timothy Edding/ Master 1914.  
  3. Thomas Raleigh- Homeowners Exam to be graded. 
  4. Review and update of Exam application.   Examples from other MD Counties provided. 
Licensing Counts as of this month are as follows:
Master: 1858 with 656 active.
General: 1487 with 569 active.
Restricted: 185 with 86 active.
(186 expired with no listing of type)
Journeyman: 1871 with 603 active.
Expiring  with 90 day clause on September 29, 2017:   112
Homeowner: 148 with 2 active.
Please note Agenda is subject to change.
Next meeting will be October 18, 2017.