September 2019 |

Charles County, Maryland

September 2019

Thursday, September 12, 2019

9:30 A.M.
Richard Clark Senior Center



  • Call to Order and Determination of a quorum attendance: Kenneth Gordon, Chairman
  • Introduction/Welcome of new ACA member(s), if present

Oath of Office for newly appointed members

  • Approval of the minutes: May 10, 2018 meeting (no June minutes due to the TriCounty Mtg)
  • Communications received – Any to report?
  • County Commissioner’s Report:  Commissioner Coates or Representative
  • Area Agency on Aging Report: Lisa Furlow, Chief of Aging 

New Business

  • For member discussion:
  • Location schedule of meetings for the upcoming year to visit each senior center
  • New Goals for this upcoming year? Areas of focus or projects the council would like to work on?
  • Waldorf Senior and Recreational Center update

Old Business

Member and Community Representative Announcements (maximum 3 minutes each)

  • Adjourn

Next ACA Meeting:  October 10, 2019