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Charles County, Maryland

Web Accessibility


Charles County Government recognizes the importance of making its website available to the largest possible audience and therefore is committed to maintaining a high level of accessibility for all visitors to the County website. Every effort is made to provide accessibility to website content for visitors with varying and special needs.

The County web content development standards include guidelines for accessibility. These guidelines outline the steps which all developers and content contributors are requested to follow when developing and maintaining web pages. The Fiscal and Administrative Services Division of Information Technology works to ensure that all County departments and agencies comply with these guidelines by providing technical assistance and accessibility awareness to County staff.

There are numerous Portable Document Format (PDF) documents, forms and brochures available on the County website to help visitors download and easily print important information. Many of the PDFs on this site were created in Adobe Acrobat. To navigate through text-only PDF files using a screen reader, such as JAWS, Adobe Reader Version 7.0 (or higher) will be necessary. You can download a free copy of the Adobe Reader from Adobe.

Upon request, departments and agencies of the County can provide website documents in alternative formats. County/Department contact information is provided consistently throughout the site.


To make our site accessible to visitors with differing needs, CharlesCountyMD.gov includes several features designed to improve accessibility for visitors with disabilities. Some of these features are described below.

  • Descriptive alternative text or 'alt tags' on images to aid visitors who listen to content on the site using a screen reader
  • A 'skip to' link which allows visitors to bypass the header and go directly to the main content of the page
  • Content such as commissioner meeting videos include closed caption text-only content so visitors can access the information regardless of format
  • Pages are tested for compliance utilizing an automated compliance checking tool
  • Pages comply with priority one checkpoints of the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (industry standards compiled by the World Wide Web Consortium)
  • Manual usability testing is conducted to ensure the pages are accessible to individuals with disabilities

Newer versions of popular web browsers will tend to display our pages more accurately as they comply with the standards defined in the HTML 5 and CSS3 specifications.


The Adobe Acrobat plugin is required for certain forms and documents presented in Adobe's PDF format for viewing and printing. It can be downloaded at: http://get.adobe.com/reader/.

The Adobe Flash Player plugin is required for many features of this site. It can be downloaded at: http://get.adobe.com/flashplayer/

Accessibility Tips              

Most browsers provide the ability to magnify a browser screen, enlarge text, change the text or background colors, or navigate using a keyboard in order to properly view web pages. The following links will assist visitors in determining how to access these features on their specific browser.

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Firefox Accessibility Information
Google Products
Microsoft Internet Explorer 7
Microsoft Internet Explorer 8
Microsoft Internet Explorer 9


We welcome your feedback on accessibility of the www.CharlesCountyMD.gov website.  Please contact Charles County Government if there are other ways we can improve the site's accessibility for all visitors.