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Animal Control

Ed Tucker
Chief of Animal Control

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Dear Citizens of Charles County,

Pets are an important part of our community and a big part of our everyday lives. The officers of the Charles County Emergency Services Animal Control Division are dedicated and strive each day to make this county a safe and friendly place to live. Officers attempt to educate both pet owners and non pet owners as well as enforce county and state laws dealing with domestic animals in our county.

Animal Control Officers respond to many calls each day that consist of trap requests, check welfare, running at large, injured animals, barking dog complaints, vicious animals, or animal bites just to name a few. Our officers stay busy and make every effort to keep Charles County pet owners and their neighbors happy and educated when it comes to animals.

Our business hours are Monday thru Friday from 8 am to 4 pm.  We are available after hours, weekends and holidays for emergency calls only.  There is an on call officer at all times who can assist in your emergency.  The service number to call for Animal Control Services is 301-743-2222.  The administrative office can be reached at 301-609-3425.

Animal Control encourages any pet owner who has lost their pet to contact the Tri County Animal Shelter at 301-932-1713 AND the Humane Society of Charles County at 301-645-8181.

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