Charles County, Maryland

Emergency Management

Emergency Management

Michelle Lilly
Chief of Emergency Management

Email:  ema@charlescounty.org


Warming Centers Available During The 2016-2017 Winter Season

When the winter cold begins, it is important to stay warm. There are public buildings open during regular business hours for use by residents... Read more


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The Emergency Management Division is responsible to develop, coordinate and promote a comprehensive emergency management program incorporating planning, preparedness, response, and recovery activities relative to emergencies or disasters whether natural or man-made including:

  • Public education and information
  • Promotion of mitigation activities
  • Liaison and collaboration with local, state and federal governmental agencies, for profit and nonprofit public and private institutions and volunteer organizations, as well as, activities related to the establishment of a comprehensive emergency management program.
  • Develop and maintain the County’s emergency operations plan which provides a framework for the coordination of emergency response activities across a broad spectrum of disciplines and agencies.

The Emergency Management Division is also responsible for the applications regarding budgeting, programming, requisitions, purchase orders, and reporting of grants pertaining to Emergency Management.

Please see Grants Awarded to the County by fiscal year.