Charles County, Maryland

Department of Fiscal and Administrative Services

Department of Fiscal and Administrative Services

Jenifer Ellin, Director of Fiscal and Administrative Services
Jenifer Ellin
Director of Fiscal and Administrative Services

Welcome to the Department of Fiscal and Administrative Services. Our Department is responsible for the financial and technological administration of the County. The County's Mission is to provide our citizens with the highest quality of service. Our goal is to effectively and efficiently manage the fiscal operations within the County Government, based upon sound, comprehensive, short term and long-term fiscal policies. The long-standing principles and practices of the Charles County Government have been the hallmark of our solid financial planning and management.

Each year our government issues long-term bonds to help finance our infrastructure. Before the bonds are issued the County receives a credit rating from three national agencies, Moody's, Fitch, and S&P Global Ratings (formally Standard & Poor's). These agencies examine the health and stability of the County by reviewing our budget management, external audits, financial management and economic development. The County receives an AAA rating from Fitch, an AAA rating from S&P, and an Aaa rating from Moody's, reflecting the confidence these agencies have in Charles County to pay its debt.

I invite you to browse through the various links to the divisions that comprise this department and to see for yourself the extensive effort, planning, and the hard work conducted by our staff.

Our budget books and comprehensive annual financial reports (CAFR) have received national awards for their excellence in reporting.  They can be excellent reference materials for anyone wishing to know about the local finances of the County.