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Commissioner District Map

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  • Redistricting Board

    • How are the members of the Redistricting Board appointed?

    • What are the responsibilities of the Redistricting Board?

    • Does the Redistricting Board have any impact on how the Commissioners are elected, i.e., at-large or by their residency districts?

    • When determining the size of Commissioner Districts, does the Redistricting Board use the total population or the voting age population?

    • How does the Redistricting Board determine how the lines should be drawn?

    • What are the general legal standards that the Redistricting Board should apply in carrying out their duty?

    • What does “contiguous” mean?

    • What does “compact and regularly shaped” mean?

    • How does the Redistricting Board reconfigure the lines of the Commissioner Districts?

    • Who determines where election precinct lines are drawn?