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Deferred Compensation

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The Deferred Compensation Program allows all employees (full time and part time) to further plan for their retirement. Participation in the plan is voluntary and the employee determines the amount of money to contribute each pay (minimum deferral - $10 per pay) and where it's invested.

Contributions are made through a pretax payroll deduction. The maximum amount an individual may defer is updated annually by IRS regulations. An employee may increase, decrease or suspend their contribution at any time during the year. 

We work with the following 3-vendors to administer our plan:

Mass Mutual
Robert Ready
Phone: (301)262-2919
Email: bob.r@widmannfinancial

Geoffrey Marsh
Phone: (703)394-7152

Nationwide Retirement Solutions
Scott Wamboldt
Phone: 410-274-9568

Deferred Compensation Schedule - January 2020 through June 2020

Deferred Compensation Plan