Amish Route, 30 miles (green route) |

Charles County, Maryland

Amish Route, 30 miles (green route)

Amish Route, 30 miles (green route)

Hundreds of cyclists enjoy the quiet rural charm of Southern Maryland. Steeped in history and culture, the Amish area of Southern Maryland is laced with quiet country roads made for cycling. Pass farms being worked today, as they were 200 years ago.  You may get to pass an Amish buggy on the shoulder, and watch for road apples!  Take time to stop at local stores, roadside stands, or the farmer’s market to sample the produce and baked goods.  Shop for handmade Amish items and crafts.  For those that love the country, this is the trail for you!  Start your ride at Oak Ridge Park and follow Oaks Road south to a right on Keech Road.  A right onto Route 6 will take you past Gilbert Run Park where you can stop to enjoy the 60 acre freshwater lake or rent aquabikes.  A left onto Penns Hill Road will lead you through many country landscapes.  A left onto Route 234, right on Allen Fresh Road, right on Route 234, left on Old Sycamore Road, Right onto Trinity Church Road, and a left onto Ryceville Road will head you straight into Amish country where plow horses work the fields.  This route leg will surely offer scenic views and opportunities to stop and shop for Amish crafts.  A left to North Ryceville Road curves right to Dixie Lyon Road and turn left onto Route 236/Thompson Corner Road, left on Old Route 5, and left onto Route 6.  Keech Road on your right and Oaks Road on your left will bring you back to the "modern day."  For more information on biking in Southern Maryland, stop by the Crain Memorial Welcome Center, 12480 Crain Highway, Newburg, MD, or visit, or

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