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Charles County, Maryland

Chapel Point State Park

Chapel Point State Park

Chapel Point State Park is located on the beautiful Port Tobacco River, a tributary of the Potomac River. Chapel Point is an undeveloped multi-use park that boasts a waterfront that offers excellent fishing.  A Maryland Bay Sport Tidal License is required. Watch your tides before visiting this area. At high tide there is almost no beach. This area has a small sand launch area that is suitable for the launch of small john-boats, canoes and kayaks, and personal watercraft.

Hunting is permitted in the 600 acre state park. The area provides suitable habitat for quail, squirrels, doves, rabbits, white-tailed deer, wild turkey and waterfowl.  Game hunting is permitted during the seasons established by the Wildlife Division.  Chapel Point has a small handicap hunting area.  There are three established hunter parking areas. Sign-in boxes are located in each of those areas.  A maximum of 45 hunters is permitted at any given time.  Hunters may enter and remain on park property outside of the regular posted hours provided that they are engaged in legitimate, authorized hunting activity.

Whether you are interested in camping, fishing, hunting, or hiking, Chapel Point State Park has something for you!  Bring the family and enjoy the beautiful park and its many amenities.

Days/Hours of Operation:  Sunrise to Sunset - Open year round (closed Christmas Day and New Years Day)

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8855 Chapel Point Road
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