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Charles County, Maryland

Purse (Part of Nanjemoy WMA)

Purse (Part of Nanjemoy WMA)

Purse (Part of Nanjemoy WMA) is located on the Potomac River on Wades Bay. Purse is a wooded undeveloped area that is used for hunting, bird watching, shore fishing and fossil hunting.

Days/Hours of Operation: Available for public use year round, sunrise to sunset.

Parking is located off of Maryland Route 224 across from a 3/4 mile trail leading to the waterfront.

Purse is a part of the Aquia Formation which formed in the Paleocene Epoch about 60 million years ago when a gigantic meteor hit the earth. This area was covered with warm shallow water which made it a suitable habitat for sand tiger sharks, mackerel sharks, Turritella (snails) and Eagle Rays more specifically Cownose Rays which all lived during this time period.


MD Rte 224
Nanjemoy, MD 20662