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Charles County, Maryland

Serenity Farm

Serenity Farm

A unique farming destination in Charles County located on the Patuxent River. Locally grown Serenity Farm Meats, fresh produce and farm products sold at The Harvest House (Seasonal Dates/Times); check the website, Facebook at serenityfarmbenedict or call 301-399-1634 for open hours.

Other activities on the farm: Farm Tours, Events/Parties, Farm Conservancy, Historic Burial Ground and Special Event Kasper's Kastle.

Mailing Address is P.O. Box 305, Benedict, Maryland, 20612.

GPS users: 6932 Serenity Farm Road, Benedict, Maryland 20612 (Sometimes a GPS will not locate the farm in Benedict, Maryland, and you have to enter Hughesville, Maryland, 20637) 

For event coordination call 301-399-1634

Visit us on Facebook at serenityfarmbenedict

6932 Serenity Farm Road
GPS Users: City Hughesville Zip 20637
Benedict, MD 20612