St. Ignatius Church & Thomas Manor House |

Charles County, Maryland

St. Ignatius Church & Thomas Manor House

St. Ignatius Church & Thomas Manor House

The nation’s oldest active parish with a continual pastorate, St. Ignatius was founded in 1641 by the Reverend Andrew White, S.J., who accompanied Catholic settlers to Maryland in 1634.  Jesuit priests have been in residence since 1641 attending the spiritual needs of Catholics.  The church and manor house, a residence for priests at Chapel Point for more than 300 years, is located on a 120-foot bluff overlooking the mouth of the Port Tobacco River where it joins the Potomac.  The church cornerstone was laid in 1798, in 1866 much of the interior and records were destroyed during a fire.  Some of the modifications were made in its ensuring rebuilding.  Chapel Point was the landing site for 100 federal troops in 1861.  Troops were also quartered at Chapel Point in May 1865 after the escape of John Wilkes Booth.

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