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Community Engagement

Community Engagement

Renesha Miles
Community Engagement Coordinator

Charles County Government conducts community engagement and outreach activities on important policy issues, programs, and initiatives that affect the public to keep them informed and solicit input on the policies, plans and work of Charles County Government. This is a key function of the Media Service Division as part of its effort to help facilitate effective, ongoing two-way dialogue with the community.

Stay Informed on Current Issues:

Shlagel Farms Agricultural Deer Operator Permit Activities near the Pinefield Community

On Dec. 11, 2018, Russell Shlagel, owner of Shlagel Farms (12850 Shlagel Road, Waldorf, MD 20601 [map]), requested a letter of support from the Charles County Board of Commissioners that was needed as part of an application to obtain an Agricultural Deer Cooperator Permit from the Maryland Department of Natural Resources. As part of their agreement to provide a letter of support, Commissioners requested written notice be provided to neighbors adjacent to the farm, and additional communications as needed.

A Community Meeting will be held on Thursday, Jan. 31, 7:00 p.m. at the John Hanson Community Center, 3165 John Hanson Drive, Waldorf, MD [map]. Download the meeting flyer (pdf) to print or share.

  • Why does Shlagel Farms need a deer hunting permit? The Maryland Department of Natural Resources has issued the Agricultural Deer Cooperator Permit to authorize hunting that will take place nightly on Shlagel Farms’ property. The purpose of this operation is to diminish the significant crop damage that occurs due to the overpopulation of deer.
  • What is the time period for this deer hunting permit? Per the requirements of the state permit, hunting can only occur between sunset and sunrise from Feb. 1 through March 31.
  • Commissioner Presentation Link: Watch the CCGTV broadcast of the presentation from Shlagel Farms [link] about the authorized activities and the state permit requirements on the county’s YouTube channel
  • What is the distance from the farm to the nearest housing development? All hunting activities will take place at least 1,000 yards away from any residential property or roadway that is adjacent to the Shlagel Farms property line. Map locations of the hunting activies are available in pdf format for download: Map 1 and Map 2.
  • Hunters Qualifications: Three hunters have been authorized and certified for this permit.  They have completed all state-required tests, including shooting qualifications and a written exam.

Links for Additional Details:

Stone Avenue Construction (Waldorf)

Feb. 11, 2019 Update:
Stone Avenue is now open for traffic, but drivers may experience delays and lane closures as Washington Gas completes work on the project and repaving is completed. 

Jan. 23, 2019 Update:
Due to weather conditions, the initial repairs to the entrance of Stone Avenue in Waldorf [map] have been extended to the second week of February. Monitor this page for the latest updates or contact the Roads Division at 301-932-3450. Citizens with special needs may contact the Maryland Relay Service at 711, or Relay Service TDD: 800-735-2258. 

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We are preparing ways to better solicit your input on the issues that matter to you. Through community meetings and online comments, we are developing tools to hear and respond to your feedback.

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Become a Community Ambassador

The Community Engagement Coordinator is making plans to launch a Citizen Academy and establish an Inter-Faith Council. Stay tuned on how you can become involved as a community ambassador.