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Charles County, Maryland

Department of Planning and Growth Management

Department of Planning and Growth Management

Deborah A. Carpenter, AICP


The Department of Planning and Growth Management provides the citizens of Charles County an effective and economical infrastructure through planning, design and construction of facilities, roadways, water and waste water systems as described in the County's Comprehensive Plan. We are dedicated to providing a high quality of service through our three divisions; Planning, Codes, Permits, and Inspection Services, and Transit.

The Planning Division prepares and maintains Comprehensive Plans, sub area plans, special purpose studies and regulatory oversight of public water and sewer and transportation infrastructure. The division implements these plans through the administration of local land development regulations such as the zoning and subdivision codes. In addition, they enforce state and local laws protecting natural resources and environmentally sensitive lands.

Codes, Permits, and Inspection Services
The Codes, Permits & Inspection Services Division protects the health and safety of the citizenry by ensuring the quality and integrity of the County’s housing stock and infrastructure. They promote economic development by maintaining the quality of commercial construction and provide prompt review of permit documents.   

Transit (VanGO)
The Transit Division is committed to providing safe and reliable transit and quality service for residents through the countywide transportation system, VanGO. VanGO offers public transportation routes and more specialized transportation services for those un­able to utilize the public transportation system.