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Charles County, Maryland

Codes, Permits and Inspection Services (CPIS)

Codes, Permits and Inspection Services (CPIS)

Ray Shumaker
The Codes, Permits, and Inspection Services division provides services relating to engineering, construction, planning and inspection services for a variety of projects built within Charles County. They also implement code enforcement efforts for compliance with Zoning, Building, Engineering and Environmental ordinances.

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The Engineering section examines plans to verify compliance with requirements of the various development regulations of the County. These include the County’s Design Standards, Construction Specifications, Construction Details, Building Code, Zoning Code, and Engineering Ordinances. They are responsible for the review and approval of engineering construction plans, building/architectural construction plans, right of way dedications, and estimated costs of infrastructure for bonding purposes. 

The Inspections section performs inspections of approved plans and provides enforcement of the various land-use management and nuisance regulations. During construction, inspection services are provided to ensure compliance with approved plans and the County’s Design Specifications. These services confirm proper code compliance prior to occupancy of a structure or prior to the County taking over maintenance responsibilities of public infrastructure.  This group also enforces the Zoning Ordinance and Forest Conservation efforts for properties involved in new construction and proper use of all sites.