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Charles County, Maryland



A key component of Codes, Permits and Inspection Services is the inspection of approved plans and enforcement of the various land-use management and nuisance regulations. During construction, inspection services are provided to ensure compliance with approved plans and the County’s design specifications. These services confirm proper Code compliance prior to any occupancy of a structure or the County taking over maintenance responsibilities of public infrastructure to protect taxpayer interests. This group also enforces the County Zoning Ordinance and Forest Conservation efforts for properties involved in new construction and proper use of all sites.

Stormwater Management System Inspections
In accordance with the stormwater maintenance requirements set by the Code of Maryland Regulations (COMAR), the Department of Planning and Growth Management is required to ensure preventive maintenance is occurring by inspecting all stormwater management systems. Inspections shall occur during the first year of operation and at least once every three years thereafter. For more information on Stormwater Best Management Practices click here.