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Charles County, Maryland

Benedict Waterfront Village

Benedict Waterfront Village

Historic Photo of Benedict: Captain's Inn


First settled as a colonial port town in 1706, the waterfront village of Benedict is located in far-eastern Charles County along a narrow peninsula bordering the Patuxent River and Indian Creek. Benedict has a storied past as the site of the British land invasion during the War of 1812, the site of Camp Stanton, a Union training camp for African Americans during the Civil War, and a rich maritime history spanning three centuries.

Today, the village of Benedict consists of 150 acres and includes residential areas as well as marinas and restaurants, a post office, firehouse and Catholic church. Because of its strong historic themes, regional location, and abundant waterfront, in 2012 Charles County completed the Benedict Waterfront Village Revitalization Plan, a community-based vision for the future of Benedict that includes improved water access and amenities, infill and redevelopment opportunities, and planned sewer service improvements.


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January 24, 2012

Benedict Cultural Resource and Context Study

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