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Charles County, Maryland

Habitat Protection Areas (HPA)

Habitat Protection Areas (HPA)

Several species of rare dragonflies are in Charles County.

HPAs are for the protection of significant ecological areas.  Outside of the Chesapeake Bay Critical Area, these include: habitat of rare, threatened and endangered species, anadromous fish spawning areas, submerged aquatic vegetation, forest interior dwelling bird habitat, colonial waterbird nesting sites and Natural Heritage Areas.  Habitat of rare, threatened and endangered species is a priority retention area under the County’s Forest Conservation Ordinance.

Inside the Chesapeake Bay Critical Area, HPAs include all of the above listed areas, plus: the Buffer and Buffer expansions, non-tidal wetlands, historic waterfowl staging areas,  and other plant and wildlife habitats of local significance.

Sites containing the above types of habitat require a Habitat Protection Plan at time of development and/or subdivision activity, and are reviewed in consultation with appropriate local, State and/or federal agencies to determine if protection measures are adequate.

For more information on HPA’s please contact the County’s Environmental Section at 301-645-0540 or planning@charlescountymd.gov.