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In 2006, Charles County adopted the goal to preserve 50% of the land area, or approximately 147,000 acres, in open space.  To track progress the County maintains a Protected Lands Map, which is updated annually.   The County’s goals for agricultural land preservation and natural resource conservation are described in the 2017 Land Preservation, Parks and Recreation Plan.  

Several options are available for property owners to permanently preserve their land in open space for future generations.  Most programs offer tax reductions or payments for preservation and are often specific to the intended use of the property as agricultural land or forest land.  Under these programs, the land typically remains in the current ownership with a preservation agreement recorded in Maryland Land Records.  However, there are some cases where the land is purchased by, or donated to, an entity for preservation.

Charles County Administered Programs

Rural Legacy Area

Zekiah Watershed Rural Legacy Area Information
Zekiah Watershed Rural Legacy Area Map
Zekiah Watershed Rural Legacy Proposed Expansion Area Map

Purchase of Development Rights (PDR)

Transfer Development Rights (presentation) (Posted 9/10/13)

List of Certified Transferable Development Rights (posted 7/25/2019)

Forest Conservation Banking

Maryland Administered Programs  

Forest Legacy
Maryland Environmental Trust
Program Open Space

Privately Administered Programs

The Nature Conservancy
Conservancy for Charles County, Inc.

GreenPrint Maryland is a beneficial resource with an interactive map showing the relative ecological importance of every parcel of land in the State, and its preservation status.

For more information on land preservation programs, please contact the County’s Land Preservation Planner at 301-645-0540 or .

Links and Reports:

Agricultural Land Preservation Program Recertification Report (2008)
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Nanjemoy Natural Resource Management Area
Myrtle Grove Wildlife Management Area
Report of the Charles County Rural Commission

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