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The Charles County landscape standards for parking facilities are found in Article XX and Appendix E of the Charles County Zoning Ordinance. The standards are intended to help reduce the visual and environmental impacts of large expanses of parking areas.  The addition of plants to parking facilities is expected to improve aesthetics, stormwater runoff absorption, and microclimatic benefits by reducing heat and glare.

To achieve the intended purposes of landscaping, the plants must be alive and growing.  So to increase plant survival in a paved environment, the landscape standards specify plant selection, planting methods, amount of soil area around the plants, bonding of the plant material for two years, and ongoing maintenance by the owner.

For more information on the County’s Landscaping Program, please contact a County Planner at 301-645-0540 or

Worksheet and Planting Details

Shrub Planting Detail Example 
Tree Planting Detail Example 

Parking and Landscape Worksheet (Excel)


PGM Notice 08-16 – Applicability of Landscaping Requirements
Native Plants for Wildlife Habitat and Conservation Landscaping 

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