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Charles County, Maryland



Jason Groth
Planning Director

The Planning Division prepares and maintains Comprehensive Plans, Sub Area Plans, Redevelopment Plans, and Special Purpose Studies. These plans are implemented through the administration of local land development regulations such as the zoning and subdivision codes. The division is also responsible for enforcing state and local laws protecting our natural resources and environmentally sensitive lands.

Plan Review Pre-Submittal Conference Information 
Pre-Submittal Conferences are required for the application types listed below. Applications will not be accepted until the applicant has participated in a Pre-Submittal Conference. 

  • Major and Minor Site Development Plans 
  • Preliminary Subdivision Plans
  • Minor Plats of Subdivision
  • Special Exceptions
  • Variances
  • Zoning Text and Map Amendments
  • Planned Development Zone Applications
  • Final Plats of Major Subdivisions

2016 Comprehensive Plan
Charles County’s Comprehensive Plan is a long range plan that guides policy, investment, program, and land use decisions within the County.

Watershed Conservation District (WCD) 
The 2016 Comprehensive Plan included a policy objective to protect the Mattawoman Creek Watershed and the head of the Port Tobacco River for its long term ecological, aesthetic, and scenic values to the community and for its recreational and economic value as a sustainable natural resource.

Environmental and Preservation Programs

Watershed Protection and Restoration

The Watershed Protection and Restoration Program is a set of programs that aims to protect the water quality of the County’s local waterways, restore stream and wetland ecosystems, and ensure Charles County complies with Federal and State environmental regulations. The Program is funded by the Watershed Protection Restoration Fund (WPRF) or Stormwater Remediation Fee

Programs for Residents 
Build a Rainbarrel Workshop
Chesapeake Bay Trust Forestry Grant for Residents
Chesapeake Bay Trust Watershed Restoration Grant for Local Non-Profits 
Septic System Pump-Out & Septic Riser Installation Reimbursement Program
Septic System Upgrade Assistance
Stormdrain Stenciling/Marking Program

Land Preservation
Sustainable Growth and Agricultural Preservation
Act of 2012 and Growth Tiers

Land Preservation Program and Opportunities
for Charles County Landowners


Natural Resource Protection 
Chesapeake Bay Critical Area
Forest Conservation
Habitat Protection Areas (HPAs)
Resource Protection Zone

Historic Preservation Program

The Historic Preservation Program seeks to preserve and enhance our rich cultural heritage using a broad range of preservation tools and strategies; including legislation, education, incentives, and the survey and evaluation of buildings, structures, archeological sites, and historic landscape to permanently protect our most significant historic assets.

Planning Division Boards and Commissions
Planning Commission
Board of Appeals 
Agricultural Land Preservation Advisory Board
Historic Preservation Commission

Planning Areas and Sub Area Plans
Benedict Waterfront Village
Bryans Road

Maryland Airport Land Use Study
Port Tobacco Village
Waldorf Sub-Area Plan
Waldorf Transportation Plan
Waldorf Vision and Design Guidelines
Waldorf Urban Redevelopment Corridor 

Joint Land Use Studies (JLUS)
A Joint Land Use Study (JLUS) is a cooperative land use planning process between local government(s) and a military installation designed to identify land use compatibility issues affecting the community and the military. The JLUS is developed in collaboration with local stakeholders to identify strategies to guide compatible land use decisions. 

Blossom Point
Research Facility

Study Report

Naval Support Facility

Executive Summary Brochure
Final Report
Final Background Report

Indian Head
Naval Support Facility

Indian Head Brochure
Indian Head Report

Naval Air Station PAX 
Executive Summary Brochure
Final Report
Final Background Report
Planning Commission Presentation