Reporting a Traffic Safety Concern |

Charles County, Maryland

Reporting a Traffic Safety Concern

Reporting a Traffic Safety Concern

For EMERGENCIES, please dial 9-1-1

Road Types

State Road
Maryland State Highway, Numbered Streets. Ex. US 301, MD Rte 5, etc.

City/Town Roads
Roads located within the incorporated town limits of La Plata and Indian Head.

County Roads
Roads and Streets that are not numbered or do not have a white diamond following the name. Roads with street names followed by a white diamond are privately owned and maintained.

If you are reporting.....Please contact......
Safety Concern

State Road
State Highway Administration
1-800-543-2515 Or 410-582-5650

Town Road
Town of La Plata 301-870-3377
Town of Indian Head 301-743-5511

County Road
See Traffic Safety Requests for County Roads below.

Traffic Light ConcernsTraffic Lights within Charles County are maintained by the State Highway Administration
1-800-543-2515 or 410-582-5650
Traffic EnforcementCharles County Sheriff's Office-
Traffic Operations Unit
Non-Emergency: 301-932-3062
County Road Right of Way/ Road MaintenanceFor potholes, culverts, faded pavement markings, missing signs, etc.. contact
Charles County Government
Roads Division 301-932-3450
Traffic Safety Requests for County RoadsOther roadway safety-related concerns, not addressed above, such as requests to add new signs, new signal, traffic markings, crosswalks, turning lanes; or changes to traffic signal operations, intersection control, turning lanes; or concerns regarding safety, general traffic flow, unresolved speeding problems, or other types of safety issues can be submitted for review to the Traffic Safety Committee.