Reporting a Traffic Safety Concern |

Charles County, Maryland

Reporting a Traffic Safety Concern

Reporting a Traffic Safety Concern

For EMERGENCIES, please dial 9-1-1

Road Types

State Road
Maryland State Highway, Numbered Streets. Ex. US 301, MD Rte 5, etc.

City/Town Roads
Roads located within the incorporated town limits of La Plata and Indian Head.

County Roads
Roads and Streets that are not numbered or do not have a white diamond following the name. Roads with street names followed by a white diamond are privately owned and maintained.


Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Accessibility Concern for County Sidewalks, Curb Ramps, or Road CrossingsADA Coordinator

Submit an ADA Accessibility Concern
Safety Concern

State Road
State Highway Administration
1-800-543-2515 Or 410-582-5650

Town Road
Town of La Plata 301-870-3377
Town of Indian Head 301-743-5511

County Road
See Traffic Safety Requests for County Roads below.

Traffic Light ConcernsTraffic Lights within Charles County are maintained by the State Highway Administration 
1-800-543-2515 or 410-582-5650
Traffic EnforcementCharles County Sheriff's Office-
Traffic Operations Unit
Non-Emergency: 301-932-3062
County Road Right of Way/ Road MaintenanceFor potholes, culverts, faded pavement markings, missing signs, etc.. contact
Charles County Government
Roads Division 301-932-3450
Traffic Safety Requests for County RoadsOther roadway safety-related concerns, not addressed above, such as requests to add new signs, new signal, traffic markings, crosswalks, turning lanes; or changes to traffic signal operations, intersection control, turning lanes; or concerns regarding safety, general traffic flow, unresolved speeding problems, or other types of safety issues can be submitted for review to the Traffic Safety Committee.