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Charles County, Maryland

Resource Protection Zone (RPZ)

Resource Protection Zone (RPZ)

The RPZ Regulations are in Article XI of the Charles County Zoning Ordinance. The purpose of the RPZ is to protect stream valley habitat and stream water quality. It is an overlay zone, which applies to stream valleys outside of the Chesapeake Bay Critical Area, and contains streams, associated wetlands and floodplains, adjacent steep slopes, and a buffer area.  In the RPZ, most forms of development are prohibited, and permitted uses, such as agriculture and commercial timber harvesting, must follow management plans.

Additional buffers are required for the twelve, Nontidal Wetlands of Special State Concern found in Charles County.  These wetlands are noted for rare, threatened and endangered species, or unique habitat, and require a 100-foot protective buffer.  The Maryland Department of Environment is responsible for regulating these wetlands. 

For more information on RPZ please contact the Countys Environmental Section at 301-645-0540 or