How Watersheds Affect Us |

Charles County, Maryland

How Watersheds Affect Us

How Watersheds Affect Us

Healthy watersheds and ecosystems provide many valuable functions and benefits including:

Recreational opportunities: Boating, fishing, and swimming are safer and more enjoyable when watersheds are healthy.  



Lower drinking water costs and less water pollution:
Less water pollutants benefits public health and safety.  Healthy watersheds provide viable fishing habitats for seafood harvesting.  Less pollutants in waterways and groundwater means less treatment is required prior to release of drinking water for public consumption, which keeps costs down.

Protection from flooding and erosion:
Forested riparian stream valleys keep stream banks from eroding and degrading water quality.  Vegetated wetlands serve as a sponge that softens and absorbs storm surges during weather events.


Wildlife and Fish Habitat:
Good water quality means diverse, healthy wildlife populations can thrive.  Diseased and degraded fish and wildlife populations are less likely. 



The Accounting for Ecosystem Services in Charles County, Maryland report was prepared by the Maryland Department of Natural Resources, Chesapeake and Coastal Service at the request of the Charles County Planning Commission.  The report analyzes the value of the abundant natural resources and associated ecosystem services in Charles County, MD.