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Charles County, Maryland

Storm Drain Marking & Stenciling Program

Storm Drain Marking & Stenciling Program

Storm Drain Marking/Stenciling Program

Volunteer with the storm drain marking/stenciling program to help raise awareness about stormwater pollution in your community!  Storm drains are designed to quickly and efficiently move rainwater off streets and parking lots.  Unfortunately the water that flows into the storm drains carries trash, sediment, and other pollutants with it and drains to our local streams and rivers.  Items like fertilizers, pesticides, household cleaners, gasoline, motor oil and pet waste are some of the major pollutants carried into storm drains by stormwater. 

Why mark/stencil storm drains?

Marking or stenciling storm drains reminds citizens anything that goes into a storm drain goes directly into our local streams.  Our local streams flow into our rivers, and eventually the Chesapeake Bay.  Keeping our streams and rivers clean protects natural resources for wildlife, residents and visitors.  Charles County has a thriving fishing/crabbing economy that depends on healthy water quality.  Also, many recreational activities center around our waterways.  Keeping pollution out of our storm drains benefits all of us. 

Volunteer to mark/stencil storm drains

Storm drain marking/stenciling is a good activity for anyone interested in helping to raise awareness about the connection between our storm drains and local waterways.  Storm drain marking or stenciling is done on your own schedule, and you decide how many drains you want to mark or stencil.  Scout groups, middle school (with adult supervision) and high school-aged students as well as HOA groups are potential participant teams. 

When can storm drains be marked or stenciled?

The glue used to attach the markers to the concrete requires warm temperatures and completely dry pavement.  Storm drain marking is a good activity for late spring, summer and fall. 

Stenciling can be done when the temperatures are between 50 and 90 degrees Fahrenheit, so spring, summer, and fall are also ideal times of year. 

What is the process to apply for a storm drain marking/stenciling project?

  1. Fill out an application form and submit to WPRP staff within the Planning Division, Department of Planning & Growth Management (PGM). 
  2. WPRP staff will provide markers, or stencil kit, wire brush, and door hangers.  All items provided by the County are loaned out and returned upon project completion. A map will also be provided to guide participants to their storm drain locations.
  3. Go out when both the weather and pavement are dry.
  4. Perform your stenciling or marking project.
  5. Hang door hangers in the neighborhood, alerting your neighbors about the new markers/stencils and the importance of not dumping anything into storm drains.
  6. Indicate on the map indicating where markers or stencils were added.
  7. Return the map, stencils, brushes and other supplies to the County staff.

Apply for the Storm Drain Marking/Stenciling Program below:

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