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Stormwater Remediation Fee

Stormwater Remediation Fee

What is the Stormwater Remediation Fee?

Established on June 18, 2013, the purpose of the Watershed Protection and Restoration Fund (WPRF) is to provide financial assistance for the implementation of local stormwater management plans through stormwater management practices and stream and wetland restoration activities, as set forth in Section 4-201.1 of the Environment Article of the Annotated Code of Maryland.  The WPRF is funded through the Stormwater Remediation Fee, which is a flat rate charged to all improved properties in Charles County, unless otherwise exempted.  

 Adopted Bill 2013-11 "Watershed Protection and Restoration Program"

The Fiscal Year 2020 rate is $78 per improved property.  The fee is listed as “WPRF” on the Property Tax Bills.  Credits to the fee are shown as “WPRF CR” on the Property Tax Bills.

What is the fee used for?

The Stormwater Remediation Fee funds are used to improve the water quality of streams and waterways and reduce impacts of stormwater runoff.  Watershed restoration projects and programs are funded by the fee. 

How can I receive credit toward the fee?

Properties with stormwater management practices/devices are eligible for a fee credit.  If you would like to receive up to 50% reduction of the rate, review the credit application below for qualifications, and complete as applicable.  Properties that qualify for a reduction/credit must meet at least one of the criteria on the WPRP Fee Credit Application. 

Installing two rain barrels on your property is one of the ways you can become eligible for a fee reduction/credit. Charles County hosts two rain barrel workshops a year in partnership with the University of Maryland Extension Office.  Visit our Rain Barrel web page to find out more.   

I have a financial hardship, what can I do?

If your property should be exempt from the fee, an appeal or hardship form should be completed as appropriate.  You must meet one of the criteria on the Hardship Exemption application to be eligible for an exemption.   

Annual Reports & Fee Reduction Applications


Annual Report FY14
Annual Report FY15
Annual Report FY16 (Posted 10/4/2017)
Annual Report FY17 (Posted 02/22/2019)
Annual Report FY18 (Posted 02/22/2019)


Appeal Form (pdf)

Credit Application (pdf)

Hardship Exemption Application (pdf)