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Charles County, Maryland

Watershed Protection & Restoration

Watershed Protection & Restoration

The Watershed Protection and Restoration Program is a set of programs that aims to protect the water quality of the County’s local waterways, restore stream and wetland ecosystems, and ensure Charles County complies with Federal and State environmental regulations. The Program is funded by the Watershed Protection Restoration Fund (WPRF) or Stormwater Remediation Fee. The Program’s major functions are:

  • Capital Improvements and Restoration – a watershed based approach is used to target and restore degraded stream and wetland systems to improve stream health, water quality, aquatic and riparian habitat and improve local waterways.
  • Stormwater Management planning, including mapping, assessment of impervious surfaces, monitoring, inspection, enforcement activities and administration of the County’s National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System – Municipal Separate Storm Sewer (NPDES MS-4) permit.
  • Public Education and Outreach relating to stormwater management and stream and wetland restoration.

Grants, Fee Credits, and Workshops for County Residents & Businesses

Streams & Watersheds


Stormwater Remediation Fee

  • What is the Stormwater Remediation Fee? 
  • What is the Fee Used For? 
  • How Can I Receive a Credit Toward the Fee? 
  • I have a Hardship, What Can I Do? 

Watershed Assessment and Restoration

Illicit Discharge Detection and Elimination

  • Definition of Illicit Discharge
  • Charles County's IDDE Program 
  • How to Report an Illicit Discharge

Wastewater/Septic Systems

Regulatory Protection

  • Comprehensive Plan
  • Zoning and Subdivision Regulations
  • Stormwater Management Ordinance & Storm Drain Ordinance