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Charles County, Maryland

Watershed TMDL (Total Maximum Daily Load) Restoration Plan

Watershed TMDL (Total Maximum Daily Load) Restoration Plan

The Watershed Assessments for each County watershed that were initiated in 2014 will be used to develop restoration plans.  The restoration plans will combine all the projects from the assessment studies and prioritize projects for implementation to meet TMDLs within the County. 

Annual TMDL assessment reports are required to be submitted to MDE which will be used to evaluate the effectiveness of the County’s restoration plans.  Specifically the assessment reports will show:

  • Estimate changes in pollutant load reductions from water quality improvement projects;
  • Compare net change in pollutant load reductions with established benchmarks;
  • Itemize costs of completed projects and programs;
  • Provide cost estimates for completing projects and alternatives for meeting stormwater WLAs;
  • Describe a plan for implementing additional watershed restoration actions.

Watershed restoration projects that the County identifies, implements and monitors are integral to achieving water quality improvements.

Charles County held a 30-day public comment period through June 9, 2016.  The plan was updated to address the public comments and was then submitted to the Maryland Department of Environment (MDE) for their review and approval.  MDE provided comments which have been incorporated into the December 2017 iteration.  

Charles County Municipal Stormwater Restoration Plan (December 2017)  (posted 8/08/2018)

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