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Charles County, Maryland

What is Watershed Restoration?

What is Watershed Restoration?

Watershed restoration refers to the tools and strategies used to combat stormwater pollution.  Combating the effects of stormwater pollution is done by assessing watershed conditions, capturing stormwater runoff through best management practices (BMPs), physically repairing and/or enhancing stream corridors, educating citizens, and encouraging pollutant reducing behaviors. 

The County is currently developing an impervious surface assessment.  This assessment will serve as a baseline for restoration aimed at treating 20% of the County’s impervious surfaces that are currently untreated. 

The County retrofits stormwater management on existing developed land to help reduce water quality impacts.  The County is mandated by the State of Maryland under the MS4 Permit to control stormwater pollution through watershed restoration. 

New development projects are reviewed by the Department of Planning and Growth Management and required to meet the requirements of the MD Stormwater Management Act of 2010. 

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) data on all SWM devices is compiled and tabulated.  SWM device data and water quality monitoring data are used to measure the progress achieved by watershed protection and restoration projects.