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VanGO is a countywide transportation system committed to providing safe and reliable transit and quality service for Charles County residents.  VanGO offers public transportation routes that op­erate on fixed schedules and more specialized transportation services for those persons un­able to utilize the public transportation system. Planning and Growth Mangement oversees VanGO, but oper­ations are contracted to a private contractor.

This organization is committed to providing safe and reliable transit and quality service for Charles County residents.  

The following services are offered:

Public Transportation
VanGO public transit provides transportation op­portunities within Charles County and serves sev­eral desired primary destinations including the College of Southern Maryland, St. Charles Towne Center Mall, employment locations and medical facilities, as well as numerous shopping centers. Public Transportation provides routes that operate on fixed schedules.

Specialized Services
VanGO operates specialized transportation services for senior citizens and individuals with disabilities who are unable to access the general public services, and for medical assistance recipients who have no other means of transportation.

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Passenger Rights and Responsibilities
Passengers have the right to travel safely in a clean and appropriate atmosphere, and to be treated with courtesy and respect. Passengers are entitled to a driver who maintains control over their vehicle to the best of their ability and to vehicles that are properly maintained and driven in a safe and defensive manner.

Frequently Asked Questions

Transit Development Plan Final Report January 2019


Who to Call
Service Inquiries/Dispatch301-609-7917
Customer Service   301-645-0642
Inclement Weather   301-609-7917
Relay Service  1-800-735-2258
For employment opportunities please call 301-609-7917.