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Charles County, Maryland

Buildings and Trades

Buildings and Trades

John Earle
Chief of Buildings & Trades

Our continuing service to the residents of Charles County is to provide the best possible condition and maintenance of County buildings while supplying cost effective capital construction, upgrades and general improvements to public buildings and facilities.

Buildings & Trades & Operations

This is the role where most County residents come in contact with the division and can appreciate the service we provide to the community through our:

  • Housekeeping Services for public buildings
  • Preventive & Unscheduled Maintenance of buildings and systems
  • Inspection and Maintenance of County buildings to ensure safety and proper performance of the heating, cooling and security/fire systems
  • Facilities Engineering

Buildings owned and operated by the County Government are serviced by:

  • Construction Quality Management
  • Energy Conservation

Capital Improvement Project Management

The division is pleased to provide the community with cost effective solutions for government agencies (Sheriff's Department, Community Services, Libraries, and Public Works) for the needs of a growing county through:

  • Facility planning for in-house construction and renovations
  • Design & Construction Management
  • Facility Space Planning, alterations and upgrades of equipment and facilities