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Charles County, Maryland

La Plata Office (Facilities)

La Plata Office (Facilities)

Terri Kahouk
Deputy Director of Public Works

The Department of Public Works Public Facilities provides frontline services to the citizens of Charles County through the road system, solid waste services, environmental and recycling programs.  As well as providing construction, renovation, and maintenance of County and other governmental agency facilities and project management services during development and implementation of Capital Improvement Projects. 

The Administration Division manages and coordinates all DPW/Facilities operations, including personnel management of 180 full-time employees and 60 part-time employees, as well as fiscal management of over $33,000,000 in operating budgets and approximately $75,000,000 capital improvement projects. 


Buildings & Trades
John Earle, Chief
(301) 932-3490

Our Buildings & Trades Division is responsible for the efficient operation and maintenance of 162 County facilities, covering over 1.5 million square feet. This division also performs a significant amount of capital improvement projects, including new construction and renovation of existing facilities.


Environmental Resources
(301) 932-3599

The Environmental Resources Division manages the operation of the Charles County Sanitary Landfill, which receives in excess of 80,000 tons of refuse and over 110,000 patrons per year. This division administers a comprehensive Recycling program which has achieved a 48% recycling rate through the curbside collection of recyclable materials, recycling centers located throughout the county, and an aggressive Environmental Education campaign. Various Litter Control programs are maintained to aid in keeping Charles County clean, such as roadside litter crews, the annual Potomac River Watershed Cleanup, and the volunteer Adopt-A-Road Program. Household Hazardous Waste Collection is also provided to ensure the safe disposal of toxic chemicals.

Inventory Control
Inventory Control provides procurement and distribution of stocked inventory valued at over $1,300,000 and manages the County’s computerized fleet analysis and fuel management system.  


Stephen Staples, Chief
(301) 932-3450
The Roads Division performs repair and maintenance for over 1,680 lane miles of County roadways. This includes resurfacing, deep patching, tree trimming, mowing, culvert and shoulder maintenance, traffic safety, as well as snow removal and emergency response to other weather related activity.

Vehicle Maintenance
Vehicle Maintenance provides maintenance and repair of over 1,000 tagged and non-tagged vehicles and equipment, including auto body work and repair. Provides professional preventative maintenance and repairs for all County vehicles and equipment, tracks costs and repair histories, fuel usage, and makes replacement recommendations.