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Charles County, Maryland

Used Motor Oil and Antifreeze Collection Sites

Used Motor Oil and Antifreeze Collection Sites

Used motor oil contains heavy metals, contaminants, and dirt discarded by the engine during use. Fortunately, used motor oil is only dirty and not worn out, so it can be recycled. However, motor oil is toxic to humans, wildlife and plants.  Used motor oil should be stored in a plastic or metal container with a secure lid, rather than dumped in a landfill or down the drain. Containers that previously stored bleach, gasoline, paint, solvents, or other household chemicals should not be used. Used motor oil should never be mixed with other substances such as antifreeze.

The following sites have collection tanks available 24 hours (unless otherwise noted) for the purpose of recycling used motor oil and antifreeze. Residents are reminded to carefully pour the two different type fluids into designated tanks and to properly dispose all empty containers in the trash.  Transmission oil, hydraulic oil, diesel, heating oil, kerosene, and gear oil are accepted for motor oil recycling.   NOT Accepted for motor oil recycling: Brake fluids, paint thinner, gasoline, and cooking oil.  Cooking oil can be recycled at one of the County's Recycling Centers.  To report full tanks or oil/antifreeze spills, please call 301-932-3440 or 301-870-2778.

Breeze Farm Recycling Center: 15950 Cobb Island Road, Cobb Island 20625

Charles County Landfill Recycling Center: (Only during operating hours)12305 Billingsley Road, Waldorf 20602

Charles County Department of Public Works: 10420 Audie Lane, La Plata 20646  (Closed due to construction, scheduled to reopen early 2020) 

Gilbert Run Park Recycling Center: 13140 Charles Street, Charlotte Hall 20622

Pinefield Subdivision: 12705 Country Lane, Waldorf 20601

Pisgah Recycling Center: (Only during operating hours only) 6645 Mason Springs Road, Pisgah 20640

Ruth B. Swann Memorial Park: 3100 Ruth B. Swann Drive, Bryans Road 20616







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