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Charles County, Maryland

Backyard Composting

Backyard Composting

Establishing a composting system at your house is a practical and economical way to handle your yard waste and many kitchen scraps.  In Charles County, 20 percent of household waste is organic compostable material that can be kept from the landfill.  Compost improves the quality of soil in your planter boxes, garden and lawn. If you have a garden, lawn, or trees, you have a use for compost.

 Examples of Compostable Items Include:

  • Grass clippings, dead weeds, leaves,
  • Saw dust, woodchips, straw
  • Fruits, vegetables, and plants
  • Coffee grounds
  • Non-glossy paper, napkins & paper towels

Please visit the below links to learn more about how to start composting. 

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