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Charles County, Maryland

Yard Waste Collection

Yard Waste Collection

Materials Collected • April through December

  • Grass, leaves, bundled brush, and branches. 
    • Place materials in paper yard waste bags or in trash cans that have handles and are marked with a large “X” facing the street. 
    • The maximum weight per container or bundle is 50 pounds. 
    • Branches cannot exceed 4 feet in length or 6 inches in diameter and must be bundled together or in a container. 
  • Report a Yard Waste Miss
  • Collection Schedule
  • Subscription Yard Waste Collection   - Residents within the subscription service area, schedule collection on an as needed basis. To schedule, visit www.CharlesCountyMD.gov/Recycling, click on the “Schedule My Yard Waste Collection” icon, enter the number of items to be picked up and select a collection date. The deadline to sign up for service is midnight before the collection day.   
  • Items not accepted include loose branches and brush, plastic bags, dirt, rocks, sod, bamboo, stumps, and trash. Yard waste that exceeds 50 pounds, 4 feet in length, or 6 inches in diameter is not accepted curbside. Yard Waste placed inside of a recycling cart will not be collected. 

Yard waste that exceeds the curbside size specifications can be taken to one of the County's recycling centers.  Commercial yard waste loads are subject to fees, please contact the Landfill Scale House at 301-932-9038 for additional details. 

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