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Emergency Preparedness

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Preparing for an Emergency

Disaster Supply Kit - Basic Supplies Recommended

  • Water - atleast 1 gallon per day per person for atleast 3 days
  • Flashlights or battery-powered lanterns with extra batteries.  Don't use candles
  • Battery-powered or crank handle radio with extra batteries
  • Cash
  • Prescription medication - enough for atleast 3 days
  • Clothing 
  • Toiletries items - personal hygiene items.
  • Non-perishable foods
  • Eyeglasses
  • Bedding - pillows and blankets
  • Games, toys or reading materials
  • Important documents - these should be copies of the original and kept in a waterproof holder
  • Any infant or child necessities - wipes, diapers, bottles, etc

Making an Emergency Plan

Your family may not be together when an emergency or disaster strikes, so plan for how you will contact one another and review what you will do in different situations.  A good home emergency plan includes family communication, insurance protection, protection of vital records and documents and caring for animals.

Emergency Preparedness for Pets

Pet owners must plan how they will care for their animals during an emergency.  Preparing your pets involves having the right supplies and knowing where you will take your pet if you need to evacuate.

Flood Insurance

Residents who live in flood-prone areas need to purchase flood insurance.  Homeowner's policies do not cover flood damage.  The National Flood Insurance Program provides flood insurance and additional information.

Additional Resources

There are many resources available to assist you in preparing for an emergency.  Here are a few: