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Patient Transfer at Receiving Facility Guide

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Below is a list of rules that each hospital in our transport vicinity have developed to receive patients to their respective E.D.

We ask that you please understand how things can change quickly as this is a very fluid situation and we all need to be understanding & supportive of all hospitals.


Calvert Health Medical Center

Effective, 1900 hours on Saturday, March 21st the EMS entrance doors will be deactivated (locked) until further notice due to the COVID-19 Pandemic. (Note ED Staff may practice this guideline today)

EMS units will make notification to the ED as soon as possible with their ETA, so a room can be prepared.  This can be done by either the Calvert Control Center or via EMRC med radio.  The ED Staff will meet the crews outside to take over patient care.  The ED staff will be transferring the patient from the EMS stretcher to ED stretcher. The Charge Nurse will determine where the patient is placed (either into the main ED, main waiting area, etc.).

EMS crews will not enter the hospital unless directed to by ED Staff.  Only the medic will be allowed into the ED after they have doffed their PPE to access the EMS room to restock from their vending machine.

The linen cart that is normally in the EMS room will be moved to the carpeted area between the two sliding doors.

The EMS crew will need to bring their own supplies to clean and decontaminate their unit.  There is a trash can outside to place your used PPE and any other trash. A hand-washing station is also outside the ER ambulance doors.

The charge nurse direct line is 410-414-4884 and it will be posted at the entrance to make contact if no one is there to greet the crew. 

If there are any questions or concerns, contact Heather Howes (443) 684-8986.

Calvert County Fire Rescue and EMS has set up an ambulance decon procedure similar to that at CRMC. See the link below in the Documents section to learn more about their decontamination process.


MedStar St. Mary’s Hospital

Effective May 20, 2020, For PUI and/or known COVID+ patients,
• EMS crews will advise MSMH of patient status during med consult
• Upon arrival to MSMH, the ambulance's driver will enter the ED and advise charge RN of patient arrival (completed prior to donning necessary PPE). Patient information should also be provided to registration. During this time, patient will either remain in back of ambulance or, if enough crew members exist to offload without driver assistance, patient can be moved to ambulance bay foyer (through double sliding automatic doors but before ED entrance).
• ED personnel will bring stretcher to ambulance bay foyer where triage and bedside handoff to occur.
• ED personnel will then bring patient into ED room and EMS crew can remain in ambulance bay foyer area with their PPE on to allow for decon of their unit.
Again, this change would be for known COVID+ patients and all PUI patients.


Southern Maryland Hospital and Fort Washington Medical Center

When arriving to the hospital with a PUI: send one crew member in to ER to advise of PUI while patient remains in ambulance with care provider. The ER will prepare to accept the patient and come out and advise when you can bring the patient in.

All other patients not a PUI: bring patient just inside the ER doors and wait for direction.