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Water & Sewer

The following Water/Sewer Billing forms must be completed by the owner of the property or agent on record. The Billing Office will not accept any forms completed by tenants.

  • Property Management Form
    The Property Management Form enables the owner’s rental agents to manage their water/sewer rental accounts. This includes receiving invoices and notices, sign a renter’s form, and request final readings to transfer the account into a new status. This form must be signed by both the owner and agent.

  • Special Circumstances
    If a permanent member of your household identified as a Water/Sewer customer requesting to be listed as Do Not Interrupt Water Service for medical reasons or above the age of 65 years of age, you can request an application to be put on the Billing Office Do Not Interrupt Program. We will make every effort to work with you, the customer, to prevent disconnection. Please contact the Billing Office for more information.

  • Bay Restoration Fee Hardship Exemption Application
    If you meet certain criteria you may be qualified to be exempt from the Bay Restoration Fee. Please go to the Treasury and Taxes web page to select this form.

*The following forms below must be submitted by 2:00 pm to begin processing the following business day. Please be aware that it may take several days to be completed.

  • Final Reading Request
    This is a two day process to complete in our office. Please request final readings at least two business days before you need the bill amount. Final bills can be mailed or emailed. If the Title Company is holding a water/sewer escrow for the final bill, please provide their name and mailing address. Tenants cannot complete this request, only the owner or agent of the property. The water is not shut off at the property with this request. A Renter's Form is also required to be completed if a tenant is moving into the property. Please contact the Billing Office for the Renter's Form.

  • Leak Test Request
    If your water/sewer bill does not indicate there is a possible leak, you may want to request a leak test. Please contact the Water/Sewer Billing Office before requesting this, we may be able to assist you to locate the leak on your own. There is a fee for this service.

  • Meter Test Request
    Please contact the Billing Office before requesting this service. There is a fee based on the size of the meter installed at the property which is subject to change.

  • Water Turn Off Requests
    If you would like to have the water disconnected for an extended period of time, you will need to complete both the Water Turn Off form and the Vacancy Affidavit. If this is a Foreclosure Property, Public Works Utilities requires someone to be present at the time of shut off to verify the water is fully off inside the home. For all other customers it is advised someone is at the property at the time of shut off. Public Works Utilities is not responsible for damage within the property for faulty valves. Furthermore, we do not winterize properties. If you no longer own the property or have tenants moving in, a final reading request must be completed instead. If the property does not appear to be vacant at the time the water is to be shut off, the meter technician will not shut off the water. There is a fee for this service appointment. Please contact the Billing Office for the required forms.